OK, so I haven’t updated in ages. I’ve been too busy with this Boston lark. Still, I’m doing more updating than Florida, so be glad for that.
So, what’s happened since last time…

Work is going grand. Lots of WATIR scripting. If I never see another one of those scripts again, I’ll be more than happy.

Similarly, the home life is grand. We’re all getting on for the most part, even if there is occassional drama and the odd fight, but sure, such is life.

I’ve started learning Spanish using this tool thingy called Rosetta Stone. It’s working out quite snazz, and even though I feel like I have a load done, there’s still looooooooads more left to do, so I feel I’m gonna have buen Espanol afterwards, so that’s exciting.

The big news since last update is that I took a trip to Disney. Which. Was. UNREAL. (Shock, I know)

I left work on Wednesday evening (at the usual time) and headed to the airport. Big delays cos of the weather in pretty much the entire country being shite. After 4 hours, we finally left for Orlando, and arrived at Orlando International Airport in only a few hours. Our flight was actually lovely. They turned all the lights well down so we could have a snooze, and were lovely. And when they were doing the safety demo, there was an entertaining Disneyfied version provided by the gal who was doing the announcing… Had the whole cabin in fits of laughter-including the attendants. Fab.

The 4 days we had were also ridiculously fab. The weather was so good that I got (quite) burnt and had to buy a hat on day 2 to keep the sun off my face. Much fun was had by all, and we got in LOADS of time in Innoventions getting to see all the ol’ gang and spending far too much time with Kathy and Melody, and even lots of time with Meredith (who we love) in the parks. Michelle loved it, I loved it, Anne Marie loved it, there was generally lots of love.

Oh, and also, we were on the new versions of Spaceship Earth, O Canada and the Haunted Mansion and all are diriculously good.

Pictures to follow as soon as I can figure out how I did it the last time.

Oh, and also, I’ve now booked my hotel for the September trip (but not the August one…). 5 nights, 6 days at Pop Century. All dining included. 4 days park tickets. Transport to/from the airport. $506 each total! And CIARA is coming! Exciting! It’s her very first time at Disney, so I intend on making it the bestestest ever. Michelle may also be coming (TBD) and if so, we’ll be like crazy Disney tour guide extrodinaire…s…

Today, we went to Malden to try and find these ancestors of mine that Granda wanted me to look for. We walked all over Malden trying to find the place. Gave up and came home. Did eventually find it on Google maps, though, and it’s HUGE (and far from the T stop), so I emailed the custodian person to try and find out where exactly they are… Will try again next week. Whereupon we will get the bus, cos it stops right outside!

Finally, I tried to upload pictures, but it’s being finicky, so further research is needed. They’ll be posted as soon as I figure out how to… I think it’s a problem with Firefox 3…



OK, so I havent blogged in a small millenium. But such is life here in Boston… I’ll try and remember everything there is to remember, but can’t make any guarantees, so dont kill me if I forget anything.

As I’ve said, because things have settled in pretty much here, there’s not as much to catch up on as there once would have. Much like the Disney blog where it started off as every little thing being blog-worthy, things here now seem fairly standard and not noteable, so with that in mind…

  • Work has, as of late, been extremely blah. Like, we’re talking blah-tastic. The week before last, I basically went 4 days with absolutely nothing to do. And then, last week, I flip-flopped between nothing to do and far too much to do. Right now, I have about 4 days work left, I feel, before I’ll have nothing on my plate, but as there’s 4 days left in the week, that’s fine by me.
  • Speaking of which, today was memorial day. Which meant no work (woo!). So, I slept in till a ridiculously late hour and then got up, called Michelle for a completely pointless conversation about chick flicks, had some breakfast and then headed to Harvard Square to get the T to South Station. There, I hopped on the silver line, SL1 to the airport. It was a very odd trip… It starts off as a tram style bus thingy where it’s getting power from overhead lines and travelling in a one lane tunnel, but then it becomes a real bus for the majority of the journey to the airport which is outside. Very strange, but kinda cool. Got to the airport and checked out where I’d be going to check in with Anne Marie the week after next. T Minus 8 days to Florida-VERY excited.
  • So, apart from work, not a lot has happened. We’ve caught up with Grey’s Anatomy, and Ugly Betty, so we’re now moving on to Private Practice. It’s not too bad so far. No Grey’s, of course, but still fun. Ooh, and the Grey’s season finale was UNREAL. So good, and a very happy ending, so woo for them!
  • The weekend before last, we went down to Wrentham Village which is this outlet mall thingy down towards Providence. Didnt really think too much of it, to be honest. It was just like the one near the Commons in Florida, but really expensive. Like, $119 is not an outlet shopping price for pants. I was unimpressed. In the evening, we met up with Aoife and I feel we went to the cinema, though I don’t remember what we saw. The day after, we went shopping in Cambridge which was nice. I bought flipflops. But they’re slightly too big for me on the right, so I dont know whether I’ll wear them as much as I should. It was much fun seeing Aoife, though. Need to do it again soon!
  • Since then, we’ve seen Narnia and Indiana Jones in the cinema. I enjoyed Narnia, and thought it was very entertaining, but Mum, you have to get Dad to take you to see Indy. Brought back many memories of sitting in the back room playing that Indiana Jones game! And gave me a real hankering to play it again!
  • This weekend, we went up to Salem on Saturday. Took the ferry up and the train home. Wasn’t bad! We went to the witch museum, which wasn’t bad, but it was basically a build up to a gift-shop. Entertainingly, though, we did get to see an employee there who was basically channelling Michelle. It was essentially the same person. And on Sunday, we all went to Claire/Neil/Colin’s for drinks and games and much fun. The evening ended in drama, which was very annoying, but I’m not going to get into that here.

That’s pretty much all I can think of to blog about at this stage, I reckon… A tad sick of Boston at the moment, to be honest, but looking forward to Florida for a nice break from the place! Missing everyone loads! Oh, except Peter, who I’m no longer talking to because he’s one of those people in Dunnes now. Eew. Everyone else, though, I miss loads. You know who you are

For now, it’s bed time! Tata!

Oh. How embarrassing.

So, it turns out that I actually had a lot more pictures of NYC than I thought I had and just forgot to get photobucket to generate all of the code I needed to include them all. Here are the rest of the photographic niceties!

NYC Picture Fabulousness

Hokay, so here’s the NYC trip that was superswell and all snazz. Ooh, look at the shiny! My camera battery died on Saturday night, so I’ll have to get pictures from Tom to complete out the set. So there!

Also, it’s 2am, and I’m knackered so I’m not going to bother with captions-but most of these should be pretty self explanatory anyway. If anyone is demanding that I supply captions, I will, but for now… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Video Blog Number 3.

Now get offa my back already! Pictures of NYC to follow! Now quit yer bellyachin’!

After substantially overly large amounts of difficulty, it’s here! Video blog number two! Enjoy!

OK, so I tried.

Believe me, I tried.

Three times, I tried recording a video blog-and three times-no matter what I did, it recorded without sound. ARG. I’ll try downloading a different program tomorrow and try using that instead.

For now, sincerest apologies for having no updates. Rest assured that there’s nothing of huge interest to report, just little bits and pieces. Check back tomorrow night to see if my quest to get the shagging thing to work has … worked…

For now, it’s 00:25, so I must get to bed. Sorry!